Did we collectively manifest COVID-19?

My mom and I share our love of all that is mystical and spiritual. For months, we had been talking about the fact that everyone we encountered or spoke to was in some way tired and overwhelmed. My mom, a hairdresser, mentioned that in her 20+ years in her profession she had never seen her clients so completely lost and exhausted by life.

I remember telling her two weeks before the Coronavirus took over our lives that I felt like humanity was in a pressure cooker just waiting to burst. Everything felt so pressured! I could feel it in every person I was coaching: the stress, the anxiety, the desire to break free mixed with the inability to stop. I also mentioned to her that I felt like it was only a matter of time before we collectively manifested a release.

Enter COVID-19. 

Energetically all of humanity wanted a release, a break, a change. As with all manifestations, we don’t pick how the things we want will come to be. We don’t pick the how, only the end result. What we are seeing is the how that will ultimately lead us all toward a new world. We are experiencing what many in the spiritual world call The Grand Reset and it is just the beginning. Nothing will be the same and as difficult as it may be to see today that is exactly what we need.

Change is the shifting of power. Change is growth. Change is seeing that what once seemed impossible is actually quite nice. Change is new perspective. Change is seeing the holes in the picture. Change is fundamental shifting. Change is the chance to see that there’s an opportunity to grow. Change is the chance to finally lay to rest outdated habits, people and places. Change is a new beginning. Most importantly, change is always for the better.

So while I’m not thankful to Coronavirus or anything that causes a fellow human pain and agony, I am thankful for the changes that are already occurring and the even bigger changes that will result from this. Do I believe there will be a before corona and after corona virus world? Yes, I do. Do I believe we will probably never fully return to who we were before? Yes, I do. Do I believe we have yet to scratch the surface of what our new world will be? Yes, I do.

But am I AFRAID? No. I know amazing things will result from this and I’m extremely excited to see what the grand reset of humanity is all about.

Brace yourselves because what’s ahead is most exciting! We’re talking about the evolution of spirit. We are talking about the realization of our real and infinite potential. We are talking about the breakdown of old institutions and outdated leadership. We are talking about the shattering of old ideologies and big pharma lies. We are talking about the exploration of all that’s unseen but deeply felt. I hope your spirit is ready because to function at a superficial level will no longer work.

I’d like to leave you, dear reader, with these last words. Do not be afraid. Do not resist the change and do not try to return to how things were. Do not long for things to be how they were. Welcome the change. You probably already know this, but remember that change is always harder when you resist it. Instead of hoping things will just go back to what they were, take time to ask big questions and explore your spirituality. Take the time to picture what you want your life to look like when this is all over. Try to imagine all that bothered you about your life before COVID-19 and try to see how this may all change that for the better because it will.

Get ready for the new beginning.

A spiritual note on the victims of this pandemic:

Please take the time to be grateful and to honor and pray for the people who have died as part of this pandemic. Recognize them for who they are: heroic souls who sacrificed themselves for us and so that we may go on to be a better and stronger collective force for good. 

All my love!

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