Scripting - what is it and how do you use it for manifesting?

Let's talk about scripting today and how this powerful method can take your manifestations from wishes to reality.

I have always been a writer and have kept a journal for over 27 years. I discovered scripting in my early 20s and have used it to successfully manifest a large number of things including: 

  • A perfect partner for me
  • A cure to my hypothyroidism
  • A career in publishing
  • My first house
  • Two big moves across the country (New York and Miami)
  • Travel in the US and abroad
  • Better eyesight
  • My third child (my second was unfortunately a miscarriage)

Me happily scripting away.

So, what is scripting and how can you use it?

In the law of attraction, scripting refers to keeping a journal and using it to write as if you've already achieved what you want. I highlight that because it is the most important thing! You never script from the place you are in today. You always script as if you're already where you want to be. You are already with your ideal partner. You are already working your dream job. You are already healthy. You are already living in the city of your dreams. You are already in your dream body. 

Some examples of what you might add to your scripting journal:

  • How you feel and what you're doing on your first day at your dream job (in detail)
  • A conversation with your ideal partner and how you feel in his or her presence (in detail)
  • What you're doing with your newfound wealth and how you feel having all of this abundance (in detail)
  • A walk in your healthy and amazing body and how you feel when you look in the mirror (in detail)

Are you seeing a pattern here? I hope so. The second most important part of scripting is a detailed explanation of everything you feel. Be as detailed as possible about how you feel, who you’re with, what you’re doing, etc. You must attach a feeling of joy and happiness to what you're writing. 

Some other things you can include when you script:

  • A letter to yourself from future you. For example, "Remember when you were just trying to get this healthy. It was a struggle to get up and do things. Who would have thought you'd be here today running a 5K completely unwinded! I'm so glad you didn't give up!"
  • Pictures. Cut out and glue things into your journal of what your future self looks like. For example, if you're headed for wealth, you'll want to paste pictures of the cars you'll have or your dream house. Maybe even draw up the logo of your multi-million dollar company.
  • Quotes. Include quotes from people who have purchased your product or a quote from a magazine article about your future self. For example, "She's one of the most influential people in the field of technology and has paved the way for other women who didn't think it was possible to be a female in this space."
  • Gratefulness. Be grateful in all you write. Use pages of your journal to thank God (or whatever you believe in) for the things you've received. 

There is so much to be achieved with scripting! It is a powerful message to your future self and to the Universe that you're ready to get the things you want. My passion for scripting drove me to create a line of journals, which I could not find anywhere else, with the six main things people want to manifest. Check them out here. They are simple in design, but powerful in taking you from the mentality of "one day I will" to "I've already arrived." 

Happy scripting!


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