We must be destroyed to be recreated.

Last week, I was walking around Miami's Wynwood Arts District. It's a small section of Miami that is filled with inspiring, motivational and unique graffiti art. However, among all of the amazing art, one stood out the most.

Destroy to create. As you can imagine, these three little words from @vandalowynwood must have spoken to me in order to be the highlight of my trip. Indeed they did! Those three words encompass one of the most complex aspects of manifesting and the law of attraction: you might have to lose before you win.

As a mindset and law of attraction mentor, it can be hard to explain to others that when it seems their life is falling apart it is actually a sign that their manifestation is coming together. When we set out to manifest something - especially something really grand - we cannot expect to go there as we are. That means that the Universe has to transform us into a version of ourselves that can truly handle what we're asking for.

Here are some examples of things you might be faced with before your manifestation comes true:

  • A person could be pulled out of your life. The Universe knows the people who will fit into the new version of your life. Unfortunately, not everyone might be ready for the person you are going to become. It could also be that the future version of yourself doesn't serve that other person's development.
  • You could be faced with adversity. It could be that the thing you're going to manifest requires you to be stronger than you've ever been. The Universe will throw some adversity your way so that down the line you're able to effortlessly fight for yourself.
  • You lose something that gives you a sense of security like a job. I've seen this one happen when someone is starting to feel really passionate about living a life that aligns with their purpose. When that person begins to imagine a life where they are living their dreams, the Universe will step in and take them out of the security-based mindset (9-5) and into a series of steps that lands them at the door of their dreams.  
  • You experience the death of someone close to you or experience a tragic event. I hate to even speak of this one, but in a way I also love it because it's the Universe's most powerful propeller into a grandiose life...if you let it. Where your manifestations are taking you is a place where only the fearless can go. Death and tragedy cause us pain that lasts forever, but it comes with one upside: you become un-fuck-with-able. If you let it, the Universe will catapult you into your destiny by engraving in you the feeling that if you can rise from tragedy you can rise from anything. 

I could give so many more examples! But instead, I'll leave you with this. The next time you are on your way to manifesting something and you experience something negative, I want you to ask yourself this:

What is this trying to change about me that I can't bring to the next stage of my life? What parts of me are being destroyed in order for me to be recreated and be the person I need to be when my manifestation comes true?

Right past the thing that shakes your world is the version of your life that you have been wanting to live and sometimes even better than you could have imagined. I hope that when you arrive you can gladly look back and see it as the darkness right before the dawn.

I have a long list of personal experience in the give and take of life. It has been both a blessing and a curse to have faced so much adversity to be where I am today. I want to help you if you have questions on this. You can DM me on Instagram @believeit_shop or email me at thebelieveitshop@gmail.com

All my love!


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