Welcome to the Believe It Blog!


Welcome to the Believe It Blog.

When creating the Believe It Shop, we knew that the first thing we wanted to do was determine our "why?" The why is a common principle spoken about in marketing and serves as the foundation for what you do and how you do it, and determines the value you wish to add to the people you serve. As a 15-year marketing veteran starting her first e-commerce site, I knew I wanted to sell things that aligned with my why. That's where the Believe It Shop and the Believe It Blog were born.


  • Because we believe that if you believe something and action it, you will achieve it. 
  • Because we believe the law of attraction works.
  • Because we believe manifesting is real.
  • Because we believe in being positive and living a BIG life.
  • Because we believe affirmations work.
  • Because we believe in the power of words.
  • Because we believe in the dreams of others.
  • Because we believe in motivating others.
  • Because we believe in spreading love.
  • Because we believe in YOU.

The Believe It Blog is written by me, Naz, owner of the Believe It Shop. In the blog, you can expect to find topics that are real, with real tips and tricks for fueling positivity, love and consciousness. It'll also be a place where I discuss our products and how you can use them to take your big dreams from a concept to a reality.

All my love!



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