Why calling off my wedding was the greatest thing I ever did.

Take the leap. I love those three words. They carry so much significance with so few letters and punctuation. Take the leap is powerful because in telling someone those words we are essentially saying that we believe they have what it takes to be greater than they’ve ever been. It expresses our faith in someone else and it urges them to stop being afraid of change.

My father’s own version of take the leap came one week before I was meant to walk down the aisle at 24 years old. Yes, you read that right: one week. I told him that I felt I didn’t want to get married because my heart was telling me I had so much more of the world to see. I had a career I wanted to build, a dream of working in a New York high-rise, and just a feeling that I was marrying someone whose dreams were going the opposite of mine. Now to some people 24 is old enough to know what you want before accepting a marriage proposal, but to me 24 was not that. I was a sheltered 24, an abiding 24, a predictable 24, a scared 24. When I expressed my feelings to my father, I thought he’d say I was crazy and that I had made a commitment to someone and thousands of dollars later I could not abandon that commitment. Instead he said take the leap, but in these words:

Well, I called off the wedding. It was absolute madness and in retrospect I would have probably listened to my feelings sooner to avoid hurting another person(s) the way I did. My goal was never to hurt anyone else with my decision. However, as you’ll learn throughout your life (and as I have learned too) you will have to choose yourself many times over and over. We all have to learn to put on our masks before assisting other passengers. So although it was incredibly poorly timed, it is still the most empowering decision I’ve made because for the first time in my life I chose myself. I don’t think I could have ever chosen myself if it had not been for my dad’s expression of his faith in me.

From that one decision, I was propelled in a new direction and it became easier and easier to choose a path that aligned with who I was (my guiding principle). If you don’t know yours, I urge you to find it. Read my post about this here. With every leap, I became stronger in the one area that means the most to our spiritual development: FAITH. When we take risks, our faith grows and we learn through experience that all the worrying and fretting in life is an illusion. Leaping repeatedly teaches us that it is true: every little thing is gonna be alright.

From faith we grow to be brave and that’s the ultimate reward. I don’t know what you believe in or what your faith is, but take leaps knowing it will do more than support you. As a matter of fact, God and the Universe are so happy to see us express unshakable faith in Him and in ourselves that where we end up is far greater than where we imagined we’d go. For me, it meant achieving everything I had wanted to achieve and more. It meant making room for the person who was truly my soul mate. It helped me to build a life that really aligns with who I am. While I did lose people on that journey (something I’ve written about here), the trade-off was finding myself.

So when people say take the leap, listen. They are saying they believe in you. They are urging you to believe in yourself. You are being asked to choose yourself. People who have taken leaps before, as I have, know that on the other side of jumping into the scary unknown is joy. There is also adventure, incredible strength, unforgettable memories, fun, and a renewed sense of faith in the world and in yourself.

Enjoy the leap!

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