Target re-branded and so can you!

I love Target and I'm pretty much sure that at least 50% of the people reading this post love Target too. It's incredible to believe that everyone's favorite store to spend no less than $100 at was once thought of as comparable to Walmart and Kmart. A massive re-brand a few years ago allowed them to take their place as a leader in the market and to create a unique image for themselves.

I love to bring up Target in conversations with my clients because I am a firm believer that many of the things we are unsatisfied with can be solved with a bit of personal re-branding the likes of Target. The difference between re-branding a major company and a personal brand is that people have an incredibly hard time admitting that they have changed their minds. Humans sometimes feel like admitting that they want to change is also somehow admitting that they were wrong. So what we'll do instead is stay in jobs, relationships, friendships and situations that no longer fit the vision we have for ourselves.


Well, I want to tell you that it’s completely OK to change your mind. A personal Target-sized re-brand may be just what the doctor ordered because it is natural and healthy for our passions to change over the course of our lifetime. This is called evolving and to do so the first step is to push through the initial doubts that prevent us from heading in the direction we want. 

Here are what the most common personal re-branding doubts sound like.

  1. I can’t quit and start over. I’m too old for (fill in the blank).
Our perception of what we are supposed to be doing and by what age is one of the most common re-branding killers. We think we are too old to start over, but the truth is re-branding has no age! Coca Cola did it and so can you. You could decide today that you no longer want to be the suit-wearing corporate guy or gal. You're ready to live by the beach and run a small jet-skiing business. Great! I have never met anyone who made a huge change like this who regretted it. On the contrary, I always find people who say they wish they had started when they first had an inkling to do it. In my experience we always think we are too old and then when we look back what we actually end up thinking is: "wow, I was so young. If maybe I had only started then..."


        2. I’ve invested too much time to just let it go and start again.


Imagine if a major corporation decided to stay with their brand regardless of plummeting sales only because they had invested years (and millions) in creating their brand? That would be catastrophic for a company and it could be for you too. Smart companies understand that they must evolve and measure their investment by what they learned and not by how much time it took them to create things. If you are no longer happy with your life or an aspect of it, you shouldn't look at how much time you've invested as the sole reason to stay. This happens mostly in careers or marriages. We stay in them because we've put so much time and effort into them that even when we see them failing we stay on brand. Make a decision like the great companies of the world to re-brand with the end goal of success in mind and not with the weight of looking back at how much time you think you've wasted.

          3. Who will I be if I’m not that?


Here's a question Madonna never asked herself! Madonna is the Queen of the personal re-brand and my personal inspo in this respect. Madonna never identified with being "goth", "blond bombshell" or whatever that strange cowboy/pimp thing was she had going on in the early 2000s. She was just simply Madonna being Madonna. So what can we learn from the Material Girl in this respect? We have to stop identifying with what we do and start identifying with who we are. As you work on your re-brand, you must base it around your authentic self and not around things that can change like titles. Never identify as "a football player", "wife", "mother", or "CEO" to name a few because those things can change at any time by outside circumstances. Work on identifying who you are at your core in such a way that what you do can change at any time, but who you are is always the same. 

I hope this serves you on the fun process of personal re-branding!


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